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11th September 2010

When you are finding out more about the short-term credit which can be required, it can be refreshing for you to go beyond the promotional material which will be likely to feature on the websites of many lenders. A lot of the time, it can be far better for you to receive impartial advice and detailed information from charities which are looking out for your welfare exclusively. Even though many lenders are happy to help, it can be important for you to remember that these are profitable businesses that are looking after their financial interests, too.

So – if you are looking for support ahead of making that all-important decision, what are the charities which you can rely on for far more help? In this article, we are going to give you everything you need.

If you haven’t heard of them already, the Citizens Advice Bureau can be an integral asset for finding out more about payday loan lenders, in addition to all of the other matters which surrounds your financial life. You can go online in order to look far more closely at the ways that you can manage your needs for money in the short-term. Alternatively, there are a number of High Streets b0th up and down the country where you can pop in for a chat with a friendly advisor – here, you will be able to get literature and recommendations on what you should do.

If you would rather get some help from an organisation which specialises exclusively in credit for the consumer sector, it could be worthwhile taking a closer look at the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, which is an official charity in both England and Wales. Their website has a dedicated section that allows you to get advice which is pertinent to your needs. All you need to do is address a 15-minute survey, before the CCCS returns to you with a booklet jam-packed with information relevant to your circumstances. As a result, you can prevent yourself from wasting your time and interest in reading literature which won’t actually be of benefit to you. And the great thing as well when finding out about payday loans can be this: you will find that all of your sensitive information is treated confidentially.

You can also have a look at the website of the Office of Fair Trading, which additionally has a ‘Consumer advice’ section which can provide you with information about how regulation works. In addition, they can provide you with advice through their blog, and email alerts if you sign up to receive notifications from them every so often. This can be fantastic because it can keep the latest finance advice in your awareness throughout the year.

Even though payday loan websites can have a number of ways for you to get practical advice, it is always worthwhile for you to look around with official organisations that know exactly what they are talking about.

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